The Infertility Warrior's Survival Guide E-Book


The Infertility Warrior's Survival Guide E-Book


Thirty pages of down and dirty, no bullshit, information that will help guide you through the scary streets of infertility!

Five years of experience and lessons learned, broken down into nine easy tips for survival. From emotions to finances, relationships, doctors, and everything in between, this guide is great for the infertility newbie or the IVF veteran.

BONUS: Inspirational printable quotes/posters

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Feedback from readers of The Infertility Warrior’s Survival Guide:

What you wrote was so touching and exactly what I needed as a mother struggling to convince Baby #2. I laughed, I cried, I got angry for you. I felt your heart in your writing. Anyone who has struggled with loses, infertility, or just simply is a mother needs to read this. It is so humbling and grounding. Going forward I’m going to tell fear to F OFF!! This has reminded me to leave my stress or worry at the door when it comes to trying to convince. You are truly inspiring and you are going to make the perfect mother.
— @livinglorenzlegend
Well written! You said actually how I feel and I’m sure the rest of us in the same crazy boat - I really like how to said to take the emotion out of it and make it a business - it’s true, it needs to be. I never thought of that so thank you! I also agree on not being friends with your doctor but needing to love the staff since that is really who you spend 85% of your time with. I also did the spreadsheet and have a binder with all of our results and paper work and receipts!
— @stephaniekruse

I loved this and resonated so hard with this guide, almost as if you were in my brain while writing this.  Not only did I resonate, I learned new things as we are right in the middle of our “break from infertility” as we gear up to start things back next month. Things like: “HUGS DON’T WIN BUSINESS.” I so longed for this at my past doctor, but it got to the point that while hugs were great, he and his partner were not on the same page about how to go about this journey and would tell me differing things. HELLO this is my body, stick with the same plan, you idiots! Secondly, treat this like a business and be the CEO of your infertility aka be an advocate for yourself. 

We just switched doctors this month, my embryos arrived in CHS yesterday (insert praising hands emoji)! My old doctor was so against switching, saying my new doctor wouldn’t care about my embryos as much (rude), but I just knew it needed to be done. You validated my feelings on that it was smart to make that move. 

Lastly, kick that feisty little bitch, fear, to the curb. Ain’t nobody got time for her, time to let the good vibes in. You can bet I’ll be starting mediation tonight and may or may not just have downloaded the Calm app. 

You’re Instagram has saved me, your DM’s have saved me and now you have this guide. You were sent to me (as a stranger at that) to get me through this horrible process and I can’t thank the big man upstairs enough for bringing you into my life (in such a millennial way too) at the time that He did. 
— @mackkanos

This guide is freaking spectacular! After 3 years of fertility treatments and 3 failed procedures, and looking back on what I know then vs. what I knew when I started (you’re not joking about the pHd in fertility thing), I would have LOVED to have had an honest, no bullsh*t, this is what you’re gonna face so buckle up, brace yourself, surround yourself with tools and the support you’ll need to weather the storm…cause it could get brutal. And if it ends up being a piece of cake, cheers to you! Still good to be fully prepared to face anything. And this guide FULLY prepares you for anything and everything you might face.
— @aliganz
Your guide helped me so much in my journey. When we were trying to decide if we should pick a much more expensive clinic over a local clinic, your explanation on the success rate and why it makes more sense helped us make our decision. It is all about a good lab. It was comforting to read that taking a break from treatment is crucial to survival. So very true. I think it was important for us to take a few months off to regroup and figure out our next plan of attack!
— @ameliaflahive

Thank you Victoria for being you! Thank you for sharing your story so openly, confidently and bravely. I have such admiration for you and I hope that by sharing my story, I have helped some other women like you have helped me!
— @IVF_Got_You_Babe
I absolutely love the guide!  The tips are super helpful but the best part is reading it feels like you have a friend going through this shitty process with you.  I love that it is written in your genuine voice and allows the reader to have a few laughs when dealing with some of the hardest things they will ever endure.
— @r_kwitty

I think I read it in about 45 minutes. I felt myself not being able to put it down. The words just flowed right off my lips.

A lot of those feelings you were explaining is something I try to explain every single day to myself... “Brittany, you’re broken” seems to be the most common one lately. Not that I wish anyone else to feel this way, but it’s helpful to be reminded I’m not alone and that this isn’t my fault. Or anyone else’s for that matter. 

Your words and amazing advice have left me feeling like I can and eventually will get a handle on my infertility. Sure it’s going to take time. And I may fall sometimes, that’s okay. So long as I try to get back up.

It’s also reminded me I have a husband on the other end of this who is the most supportive human being on this earth... and I should probably thank him more for it. 

I’m most certain you worked extremely hard on this work, but I don’t think you realize just how much these words have helped me and I am sure will help so many other women/couples. You’re a star Victoria! You have been someone I have looked up to, sought advice from, someone I thank good everyday I have stumbled upon. So thank you, thank you, thank you for your amazing SURVIVAL GUIDE !

I know it means you’ve had to go through some shitty times to get here, but you truly are a warrior and such an inspiration to me! Please, never stop doing what you do.
— @brittstors

I think the guide provided validation which as you mentioned in it is a KEY part of this experience. Whatever version of going public and getting the validation will instantly make you feel like you aren’t and were never alone.  I think it gives a blunt (in a good way) perspective on how to deal with some shit, while also saying.. this isn’t the worst thing that would happen to you. 

I know some women who unfortunately don’t seem cut out for this battle but struggle in attempting to win the battle regardless.  I wish I could give them the strength that I’ve unfortunately had to learn, but you putting it there bluntly may reach those women who just need to hear what they need to hear. 
— @rainbowmaker9