yep, that's me on a toilet...

Hi, i'm victoria. Nice to meet you!

I wanted to capture a moment many of us "infertiles" experience behind closed doors.  A moment that starts with excitement and nervousness - running to the bathroom with all the hope in the world and ripping open that first pregnancy test. And then waiting. Staring. Waiting. And... NOPE. Nada. Must be wrong - so we try another. And another. And Another. Taking test after test hoping and praying that one of them will have that little second line. 

We do everything we can to muster up new hope month after month after getting knocked down with negative result after negative result.

My coping mechanism? Bring a bottle of booze to the bathroom to handle the outcome, regardless of what it is. If the test is negative, I chug it. If it's positive, husband chugs it. Win-win right?

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in my early 30's, but had been suffering with my disease much longer than that. After many attempts at fertility treatments, IUI's, IVF's, and even a failed egg donor, we finally got pregnant in November of 2017 with the help of science, medicine, an amazing staff of medical professionals, our beautiful egg donor and a shit ton of love, credit card debt and prayers.  We took a lot of breaks along the way, but we never gave up hope. Infertility is, and always will, be a part of me.

This blog is an extension of me. It's a place for me to get things out of my crazy brain and wild heart. I write to cope. I write to inspire. I write to give other women a voice who need it. Everything I write is a true and raw representation of my experiences, good or bad. I drop F-bombs on the reg, I drink vodka, I cry for no damn reason, and sometimes I laugh at the shitty stuff in my life. I have been struggling with infertility for a very long time and I'm sharing my story.